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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear members, Dear friends of Sui Generis,

For this first editorial of 2022, the Sui Generis team wishes you an exciting year.

May it be rich in success, happiness and sharing, and in spite of the conditions remains favorable to the development of beautiful meetings and activities together within the association.

The Revue Sui Generis and the Pro Milone 2022 Moot Court Competition are in preparation and we are looking forward to meet you this year around these activities.

If you wish to join us and take an active part in our projects, or to support us financially, you can become a member of the association or make a donation.

In the meantime, we invite you to read the previous issues of the Revue Sui Generis, as well as to watch the beautiful pleadings of the previous editions.

We are looking forward to meet you again this year for some rich legal adventures!

Maëli Astruc,
President of Sui Generis

-January 2022-

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