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Becoming a Sui Generis member

The Sui Generis Association ensures, in accordance with its purpose, the free circulation of legal knowledge. This approach is not insignificant and generates a substantial cost. Every year we have to finance our website, buy the essential supplies for the production of our colloquiums and competitions, and partially cover the cost of the friendly presence of some speakers.

Becoming a member of Sui Generis is therefore an essential support to our existence. Membership also means contributing to the life of a legal network that brings together students, legal professionals and academics. After joining, you will become a full member of this network and will be able to participate in all our activities.

Sui Generis is nothing without the network that drives it. You are that network.

Sign up

Membership can be paid directly to a member of the association in cash or by check, payable to the Association Sui Generis, or by online payment via our membership form (see opposite).

By joining Sui Generis you agree to accept the Statutes of the Association.

When you join, you will be asked to provide us with personal data (last name, first name, address, e-mail, position, etc.). This data is necessary for the maintenance of our membership lists (sending of the membership card, invitation to activities, communication of information, calls for projects, etc.). By clicking on "validate and pay" when finalizing your online payment, you explicitly agree to the collection and processing of this data by Sui Generis.

To learn more about the use of your data, please consult our Privacy Policy and our General Terms of Use. You can also contact the General Secretariat.

The Association reserves the right to refuse any membership that is contrary to its Statutes.

Would you like to help Sui Generis to continue and develop its activities or would you like to invest yourself occasionally in our activities? You can also make a personal donation by contacting the General Secretariat or directly online in the "Donation" section.
Any help is welcome!

The General Assembly can confer the status of " Benefactor Member " for any donation or annual membership of an amount equal or superior to 100 €. Please contact the General Secretariat.

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