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Donate to the Association

The Sui Generis Association ensures the free circulation of legal knowledge. This is not a insignificant undertaking and it comes at a significant cost. Each year we must, among other things, finance our website, purchase the supplies essential to the production of our conferences and competitions, and partially pay for the friendly presence of some speakers.

Donating to Sui Generis is therefore an essential support to our existence, because every donation is useful!

For many people, getting involved with an association means getting involved in projects and devoting precious time to them. This may seem frightening or demanding. Making a donation allows you to support objectives and projects that correspond to your values without any constraints.

It is an infinitely precious help!
Ultimately, giving is also a way of committing yourself.

Note to companies: In France, companies can deduct their financial support as advertising expenses in their balance sheet. (cf. Article 39-1 7° of the General Tax Code).


Support the sharing of knowledge!

You can make a donation "in money", either by check (payable to the Sui Generis Association), or in cash (within the limits authorized by law, from a Sui Generis executive member), or by online payment (via the form opposite), or make a donation "in kind" (material, goods, etc.). In the latter case, we invite you to contact the General Secretariat.

Please note: Your donation is not eligible for a tax deduction. By clicking on "Make a donation", the donor acknowledges that his or her donation is unconditional and not subject to any conditions or rewards.

When you make an online donation via the Hello-Asso platform, you are asked to provide us with personal data (last name, first name, email). This data is only used to keep our internal accounts, to send you a thank you message or to exchange with you in case of a request for information/complaints. This information will not be used for mailing purposes or for possible donation campaigns. The Association will not publish any list of names of donors. By clicking on "Make a donation", you accept these conditions.

Would you like to get involved with Sui Generis and participate directly in our activities? You can also become a member of the Association by contacting the General Secretariat or by going online to the Membership page.

The General Assembly can confer the status of " Benefactor Member " for any donation or annual membership of an amount equal or superior to 100 €. Please contact the General Secretariat.

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