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Modalities of publication

All Sui Generis publications are certified by the Scientific Council, whose composition is available online here. In keeping with its philosophy of promoting scientific knowledge, anyone working in the legal field is entitled to propose a publication to Sui Generis.

If you wish to contribute, here are the general format guidelines:


  • The contribution must be submitted in Word (.doc or .docx), Open Office or LibreOffice, (.odt) format. PDF formats are not accepted.

  • Contributors can download the Word template (available by clicking here) to work directly on a document set to RSG standards.

  • The shortest contributions should be between 15,000 and 30,000 characters including spaces, equivalent to a 3-7 page contribution.

    ➔ Special rule: student contributors must propose a minimum of 7 pages.

  • The longest contributions, meanwhile, are limited to 65,000 characters, including spaces, or about 20 pages.

  • The proposal must include a cover page with :


  1. The title of the article ( must be dated)

  2. The name of the author, his/her/their academic/professional title (for students, indicate the last degree obtained and the university that awarded it);

  3. A maximum 5-line summary of the contribution;

  4. Ten or so relevant keywords related to the contribution;


  • The contribution must be completed with a general bibliography (according to the rules of composition), placed at the end of the document.

The rules of composition are precisely enumerated in the downloadable document hereunder.

Note: The Scientific Council holds the right to oppose the publication of any contribution that does not respect the format or rules of composition, or that contains plagiarism (total or partial).

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