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Our publishing policy

Our editorial policy corresponds to the project that founded our association. Having noted that there are associations of law professionals, academics or students, but no cross-disciplinary association, Sui Generis does not aim to fit into a known category but to propose a unique and innovative approach.  This is the basis of its name "sui generis", meaning "of its own kind".

The Revue Sui Generis is available in two formats:

- The " Symposium " format, which aims to include and publish the interventions of all participants in the Sui Generis Meetings. Its objective is to disseminate student, academic and professional approaches to the themes of each meeting. The publication of these "conference acts" and the contributions associated with them is deeply rooted in Sui Generis' desire to share with the public the reflections developed during these academic meetings, which are sometimes all too confidential.

- The "Publications" format, which aims to produce student and academic contributions, involve professionals, and maintain a veritable knowledge library. This format also fully meets Sui Generis' objectives of disseminating knowledge in the context of more in-depth, multidisciplinary and thematic work.

Note: The opinions and views expressed in these contributions are those of their authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Sui Generis Association.


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