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They were part of the Pro Milone...

Here are their stories.

"I would like to warmly thank the members of Sui Generis and Pro Milone for allowing me to live this exceptional experience. Despite the conditions, we were wonderfully accompanied by Nathalie Thomé who knew how to motivate us throughout the adventure.
As for the competition itself, I recommend it to any student who wants to surpass themselves and learn more about themselves. Indeed, facing the audience and opponents is a way to evolve and gain confidence in many aspects, from diction to managing the stress of public speaking.
Overall, I was very honored to participate in this Pro Milone Moot Court Competition and am even more proud to have won the award for best memoir with my teammate, Nathan Bernard. Thanks again."

BEHLERT Julie, Licence 3 Public Law - UPVD - Narbonne

"Participating in the Pro Milone moot court competition was a great experience for me. On one hand, it allowed me to have an additional experience within my curriculum, which makes a big difference during the examination of the latter to integrate selective programs. On the other hand, this experience also introduced me to legal research, which is not insignificant since universities do not prepare us for this. Lastly, it allowed us to put our knowledge into practice in front of professionals and to gain a certain confidence in public speaking."

CARRASCO Rémy, graduate of the Master 2 International and Comparative Law (MADIC), Toulouse 1 Capitole University.

"Since my entry into L1 of law, the idea of participating in a pleading competition took shape more and more. It was during my L3 that I decided to take the step by registering for the Competition of Pleading Pro Milone in the Public International Law category. I had never attended or participated in any other competition before. But this one was particularly attractive. The case was very interesting, the teasers and the documents were very well constructed and to finish this exercise allowed me to put into practice the knowledge that I had acquired during the year in a much more concrete field and a  atmosphere  relaxed. This experience was very beneficial: it allowed me to put together a complete pleading, but also to use my imagination and pushed me to do additional research in order to find arguments in my favour. In addition, the cases created by the Sui Generis association are realistic with a little touch of humor in order to allow everyone to feel comfortable with the subject.  

The practice of advocacy was new to me, apart from a few defenses of presentations or dissertations, I had never pleaded a case against an adversary. It was a very interesting challenge to take up and above all a very formative one. Indeed, rare are the opportunities that are given to us to be able to discover our talents as orator and pleader. I advise all students to do one of these competitions at least once in order to discover new working methods but also to put into practice all the knowledge that we can acquire during our studies."

BOUDERLIQUE Ambre, Master 1 International and European Law,
Toulouse 1 Capitole University.

"How can we fail to take a close look at the journey of the Sui Generis association and its initiatives since its creation?

The Pro Milone competition is the perfect embodiment of this. Four years after my first argument (2015), I continue to praise the merit of having participated in it and of having been able to confront a jury of quality and great competence. Not all students are fortunate enough to be able to be a part of these initiatives, which are sometimes perceived as elitist in other universities.

This associative experience, of eloquence, of work, of collaboration between students and professors, reinforces the personality traits of each one, the taste of personal accomplishment, the will to do good as well as to participate in a common project, that of serving the interest of the competition and the association.

"Sui Generis will give it all back to us".

Since my passage iǹ Narbonne, the Pro Milone Moot Court Competition registered on the top of my currculum vitae, is the reason for the opening of beautiful institutions IEP, National Assembly, territorial communities. This competition, attests to the personality and seriousness of candidates who have undertaken to position themselves in the arena of discomfort and boldness.

I thank Nathalie and her team as well as her close circle of friends for letting us, each year, seize the opportunity to exist in a society where personal satisfaction is not commonplace."

FOUILLOT Quentin, Master 2 Political Science,
Sciences Po Toulouse (IEP)

"I participated in the second edition of the competition in the category " Fundamental Rights and Freedoms ". Our team had the pleasure of being a finalist and receiving the award for the best memoir in our category.  What I remember most about this competition is the pleasure of working as a team and the competition with others, which was very motivating. Our coach knew how to prepare us well and was present at all times to support us until the end of this adventure.
Being able to put this experience on my curriculum vitae allowed me to get a place in M2 business law at the University of Perpignan and to easily find an internship in an international law firm. Participating in this competition was a very enriching experience for me. I learned to believe in myself and to learn more about my abilities. Speaking in front of professionals and in front of an audience has thus become easy."

HEMMELDER Lisa, Legal secretary in a law firm

"Before joining the Pro Milone competition (in 2015), I had always wondered how I would be able to concretely experiment the practice of trial as a student. I was able to find that opportunity through Pro Milone. The trial simulation is very immersive and allows you to really train for the oral arguments and the big oral tests. The work to be done on the cases allowed me to improve my analysis and synthesis skills. In short, it is a very complete and truly enriching experience for any law student."

NOIRET David, Master 1 Private Law

"I didn't know what I was getting into when I signed up for the moot court competition, knowing that it was the first one the association was organizing. I threw myself fully into this adventure, and I was not disappointed, quite the contrary. Pleading is a very enriching experience that allows you to develop your critical mind as well as your ability to work in a team. The Pro Milone competition allowed me to discover unknown facets of my personality. I recommend any student to try this experience, they will not be disappointed."

PRISQUE Lola, Public Finance Inspector,
Ministry of Economy and Finance

"I got involved in the "Pro Milone" pleading contest after hearing many comments from former participants, but also thanks to the feedback from my professors. It gave me rigor, and pushed me to look for solutions, to gain in team spirit, as well as a big plus on my curriculum vitae. It's really an experience to be had and one that brings a lot back! "

SELLIEZ Émie, Master 1 Real Estate Law, UPVD - Narbonne

"Today, thanks to the efforts of the SUI GENERIS association, participants in the competition have the opportunity to take part in an exciting and intellectually enriching project (teamwork, stress management and eloquence in front of legal professionals). I have nothing but admiration for the competition's subjects, which have become more skilful and imaginative over the years.
Thanks to the SUI GENERIS association, I had the opportunity and the chance to participate in such a competition allowing me to have confidence in myself and my abilities. I recommend to all students, privatists or publicists, to participate. You will not regret it and will add, I hope, a nice line in your curriculum vitae, if you win it! "

VIDAL Élodie, Master 2 Environment and urban planning law,
specialization in real estate appraisal.

"It was during my last year of undergraduate studies that I had the opportunity to take part in the first edition of what would later become the Pro Milone. Looking for an intellectual challenge, I participated with several of my friends, already knowing that the adventure would be stimulating. This friendly yet serious competition was a great opportunity for me to give substance to the knowledge and principles that I had been taught since the beginning of my studies. On this occasion, I acquired an additional skill - that of advanced legal research and memoir writing - but also a valuable skill in knowing how to organize and divide tasks without compartmentalizing them, to reason not like students in a group but like a law firm or a law office. Moreover, the moment of the pleadings was as rich in emotions as in experience, mobilizing not only eloquence but also concentration and legal knowledge.
At the end of the day, this experience was extremely beneficial because the following year, in Aix en Provence, I pleaded in the Rousseau competition, competing with litigants from 30 universities and 5 different countries. On that occasion, the Pro Milone teachings were useful to me, as they have been for any speaking or interview since."

SIX Médéric, Graduate of the Master of International and European Law - specialization European Union Law, from the University of Aix-Marseille.

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