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Preview of the 2022 activities !

For 2022, the Sui Generis Association offers you the following activities. Some of them are open to the participation and involvement of our network and students, who will help us define the modalities of their realization.


End of March - April: Publication of the Revue Sui Generis ( Experts) - "The strategic independence of the State in a changing world"

September: publication of Revue Sui Generis (Student) - theme: "'Mankind, Nature and the Law"


This year, the solidarity activities are focused on the environment. On the agenda: Clean-up activity of protected natural areas in a morning, followed by discussions and/or conference in an afternoon around an environmental issue theme.

Proposed date: April 29th, 2022.

If you are interested in participating, please contact the Sui Generis team (contact / email / social media).


The 8th edition of the Pro Milone Moot Court Competition will focus this year on the Fundamental Freedoms Law.

It will be held at the end of May - beginning of June.

Questions and registration:

(Re)discover the previous edition in replay : here.


In the continuity of the Revue Sui Generis ( Student) 2022, Sui Generis wishes to help students organize a colloquium on the theme " Mankind, Nature and the Law"

The speakers will be in priority the contributors of the RSG 2022-1, as well as experts on the topic.

Are you interested ? Join the organization !

Sui Generis is a solidarity network of students, academics and law professionals. Our activities are fueled and built with the energy and passion of our supporters and volunteers, and every impulse counts. If you want to join or support a team that is rigorous without taking itself too seriously, passionate and creative, you have found the right place !


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