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RSG 2022/1 "The State's strategic independence in a changing world" available now !

Just before the summer break, the Revue Sui Generis team is proud to present the latest issue : RSG 2022/1 "The State's strategic independence in a changing world".

It's not without joy and satisfaction that we share with you this volume 1 of the year 2022 of the Revue Sui Generis, in its Experts version.

In this version, it aims to spread the approaches, both student and academic, on the topics covered, in order to maintain a real knowledge library.

The RSG 2022/1 gathers no less than 9 topics addressed by 9 contributors.

Here is a preview of its editorial:

"The Covid 19 crisis as well as the war in Ukraine have once again highlighted the limits of our current systems in terms of strategic independence. States have found themselves in a situation of dependence on other states that are better equipped in terms of research and production for a product as essential as a vaccine. Similarly, European foreign policy has been limited by energy dependencies on Russia.

These situations of initial dependence also revealed that many other sectors were failing to effectively ensure the sovereignty of the state. Deindustrialization, relocation, lack of diversification of supply sources, foreign investment in certain strategic sectors, and debt are all factors that condition the state's capacity to act and subject it to the threat of rationing and/or price increases for essential products from the most powerful states and economic operators. In the end, the list of essential goods whose supply depends on third parties is far from being limited to these subjects. Beyond the need to take back control of these vital sectors for the independence of the State, there is the question of the modalities and purposes of this strategic takeover.

Many contributions have focused on Europe and its strategic role. Whether it' s a question of common security, human rights policy or foreign relations, the challenges that agitate the old continent are countless. At the international level, questions of security, cooperation and solidarity will swarm the second part of the Revue[...]"

Read online and/or download RSG 2022/1 The State' s Strategic Independence in a Changing World." by clicking here - The Sui Generis Team –

PS. 1: To be discovered and shared without moderation.

PS. 2 : Any sharing of article implies a respect of the copyrights, please specify the reference contained in the mode of quotation specified in their respective pages of presentation.


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